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Animal Vegetable Mineral box cover Animal Vegetable Mineral
Education 1983 Amsoft
Attentat box cover
Adventure 1983 Rainbow Productions
Bear Bovver box cover Bear Bovver
Arcade 1983 Artic Computing
Boinggg! box cover
Arcade 1983 Atlantis Software
C.O.R.E. box cover C.O.R.E.
Arcade 1983 Bug Byte
Castle Blackstar box cover Castle Blackstar
Adventure 1983 CDS Micro Systems
Chase HQ II box cover Chase HQ II
A.K.A. Chase H.Q. II
Racing 1983 Ocean Software
Colossal Adventure box cover
Colossal Adventure
A.K.A. Middle-Earth Trilogy
Adventure 1983 Level 9
Crazy Cars 3 box cover
Crazy Cars 3
Racing 1983 Titus Software
Devil's Castle box cover
Devil's Castle
Arcade 1983 Chip Software
Dungeon Adventure box cover
Dungeon Adventure
Adventure 1983 Level 9
Emerald Elf box cover Emerald Elf
Adventure 1983 Zenobi Software
Enterprise box cover Enterprise
Action 1983 Mastertronic
Giant Killer box cover Giant Killer
Education 1983 Topologika
Great Courts box cover
Great Courts
A.K.A. Pro Tennis Tour
Sport 1983 UBI Soft
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