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20000 Leagues Under the Sea box cover 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
A.K.A. Meilen unter dem Meer
Adventure 1988 Coktel Vision
Asterix Chez Rahazade box cover Asterix Chez Rahazade
A.K.A. Asterix and the Magic Carpet, Asterix Im Morgenland, Le Mille e Una Ora Di Asterix, Asterix En La India
Adventure 1988 Coktel Vision
Au Nom De L'hermine box cover Au Nom De L'hermine
Education 1987 Coktel Vision
Balade Au Pays De Big-Ben box cover Balade Au Pays De Big-Ben
Education 1985 Coktel Vision
Blueberry box cover Blueberry
Adventure 1987 Coktel Vision
Cap Horn box cover Cap Horn
Management 1985 Coktel Vision
Cap Sur Dakar box cover Cap Sur Dakar
Racing 1986 Coktel Vision
Crucial Test box cover Crucial Test
Trivia 1988 Coktel Vision
Dakar 4X4 box cover Dakar 4X4
Racing 1987 Coktel Vision
Dakar Moto box cover Dakar Moto
Racing 1987 Coktel Vision
Duel 2000 box cover Duel 2000
Fight 1986 Coktel Vision
Fantome City box cover Fantome City
Action 1986 Coktel Vision
Freedom box cover Freedom
Adventure 1988 Coktel Vision
Imperialis box cover Imperialis
Strategy 1985 Coktel Vision
James Debug - Le Mystere De L'Ile Perdue box cover James Debug - Le Mystere De L'Ile Perdue
Arcade 1986 Coktel Vision
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