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Game Info

Medium: tape, disc
Models: CPC 464/664/6128  
Type: game
Released: yes
Year: 1987
Genre: Arcade
Compilations: 10 Great Games II FR
15 Mega Stars
2 Por 1 - Exolon + Zynaps
Christmas Collection - English
Four Smash Hits
Les Hits De Noel
Les Tops D'Or Volume 2
Master 2000
Master Skate
Mega 10
Space Ace
Top 25
Number of players: 1
Language(s): english   
Developer: Hewson Consultants
Publisher: Hewson Consultants
Package art: clear case
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(08/11/19 7:36 PM)
"My favorite CPC game. The game is extremely playable and fun. The CPC version is by far the best on any platform, because Rafaelle Cecco developed directly on the CPC."
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